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A bheil sibh airson ur banais
a bhith 'sa Ghŕidhlig?

Would you like your wedding to be in Scottish Gaelic?

Weddings written and performed in Scottish Gaelic (and in English too!)
by Tris King (Toirstean MacRobainn), Minister, ULC

Do any of these sound like you?

Tris on the shore of Loch Fyne Let your wedding have the Scottish Gaelic flavor that you've dreamed of! Collaborate with your official on creating a a truly Scottish Gaelic wedding! Have a little Gaelic in it, a lot of Gaelic, or have it all in Gaelic!

You may choose to have your ceremony reflect traditional sources, such as a Church of Scotland Gaelic ceremony, or you may choose a non-traditional approach that may include new age, earth-based, secular, or other non-sectarian aspects.

Tris King (Toirstean MacRobainn), Minister, ULC, is an instructor of Scottish Gaelic, and director of the Scottish Gaelic Learners Association of the Bay Area, in Northern California.

Tris has been performing weddings for a year, in both English and Scottish Gaelic, and specializes in working collaboratively with couples to design weddings that are both meaningful and personal to them. Tris trained with Hank Basayne, a respected and popular wedding official of many years standing in the Bay Area, a Senior Minister in the Humanist Society of Friends, and author of Let Us Make a Wedding: A Guidebook to Creating Your Own Ceremony. Tris will perform weddings anywhere in the greater Bay Area, from the Wine Country to Santa Cruz.

Tris, 44, has an extensive resume as an instructor in workshop classes and the public schools, and has worked as an actor in both community and the professional theatre. He "retired" from the theatre several years ago to devote his full energies to the study and teaching of Scottish Gaelic. Tris' marriage ceremonies are characterized by their sensitivity and poetic quality, and by Tris' rich speaking voice.

For questions, or to arrange a consultation, please e-mail to:

Dčanamaid Banais!
Let Us Make a Wedding!

© 1998 Tris King

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