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The Scottish Gaelic Webring

Welcome to the Scottish Gaelic Webring!

The mission of this webring is to provide learners of the Scottish Gaelic language and other interested persons a jumping-off point on the web from which to easily browse the myriad web sites dedicated specifically to the promotion and learning of Scottish Gaelic.

Interested in joining The Scottish Gaelic Webring?
First, please make sure your site meets the following criteria:

If you would like to join the Scottish Gaelic Web Ring and participate in the effort to help bring the Scottish Gaelic language to the increasing numbers of seekers on the 'net, please fill in the form below in order to provide us with information on your site.

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After you submit the above form, you will receive notification via email that your submission was received. You will also need to upload the graphics below into your own directory (please, don't steal our bandwidth - keep this page loading quickly for everyone). The email notification will include an HTML snippet to include in your web page. This snippet will place the following banner on your page:

Scottish Gaelic Webring


Scottish Gaelic Webring

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The Scottish Gaelic Learners Association

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Once you have added the banner to your page and it is displaying properly, you will be added to the ring within 24 hours. If you wish, you may email the ring manager at once you have added the banner, but I will be checking the queue daily and adding sites to the ring as soon as I see they have added the banner, so emailing is not necessary. If I need to remove you from the ring or from the queue for any reason, I will email you to let you know that I have done so and why.

Useful Information: The Scottish Gaelic Webring has its own id, like your site. The site id is the number given to you upon registration; the ring id is "scotgael".

If you are already a member, you can edit your site information:

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Please feel free to email the ring manager at if you have any problems, questions, or suggestions.

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