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Internet Mailing Lists
for Scottish Gaelic Learners

GAIDHLIG-B (The Gaelic Beginners Forum) and Gaidhlig 4 U are geared to the new learner to Scottish Gaelic, and also to the learner with moderate Scottish Gaelic. What generally takes place on these two lists is that learners post questions, replies and comments to the list regarding learning materials and Scottish Gaelic usage and grammar. There are learners of all levels, from complete novice to seasoned expert, involved in the day-to-day activity on the lists, ensuring that most questions put to the lists are reliably addressed. Postings are in both English and Scottish Gaelic, or in Scottish Gaelic or English only.

GAIDHLIG-B, based in the United Kingdom, is the larger and older of the two lists -- around 230 listmembers. Members are encouraged to post in Gaelic as much as possible, and to use English as little as is practical.

Gaidhlig 4 U, based in Northern California, is newer and smaller, and currently the most active of the two lists -- around 130 members strong. Postings to the list may be in Gaelic and English, or in English only. Gaelic postings must be accompanied by an English translation.

Though both lists are geared to beginners, GAIDHLIG-B tends at times to have a higher level of Gaelic than Gaidhlig 4 U, which is geared to the very new learner to Gaelic.

GAIDHLIG-B has, in addition, an archive of useful files of materials for the Gaelic learner that can be retrieved from their server. All three lists are excellent places for the beginner to Scottish Gaelic to acquire valuable tips on learning the language.

How to Subscribe:

To subscribe to GAIDHLIG-B, enter the following message in the body of an e-mail, sent to


Leave out your signature if possible.

To subscribe to Gaidhlig 4 U, enter the following message in the body of an e-mail, sent to

Make sure that the subject line is left blank, and that you leave out your signature if possible.

Suas Leis a' Ghàidhlig! Up with Gaelic!

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