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Magic Cauldron Handcrafted Soap

Hallo! 'S mise Fionnbhar. I began making my own soap a few years ago, because I was having trouble finding a soap gentle enough for my skin. I was also interested in the healing properties of herbs, experimenting with plants from my own organic herb garden. I moved to California in November 1997 and decided to stay home with my son and see if I could make a living selling my soap.

Magic Cauldron soaps are made from vegetable glycerine, herbs, essential oils and some fragrance oils. I make them in my kitchen, and they are only tested on willing participants! While the herbal combinations I use are based on my own research and experimentation, I can make no medical claims for their properties.



These combinations are great for dry skin:

Garden of Eden - with honey and fennel, and a light, fruity fragrance

Seven Sisters - borage, marshmallow, elder and linden, with a light, floral fragrance


Herbs and fragrances to calm those frazzled nerves:

Magic Forest - hyssop, primrose, and valerian, with a warm, woodsy fragrance

Autumn Slumber - cinnamon, basil and marjoram, with a sweet, spicy fragrance

Sweet Surrender - balm, hops, and passionflower with a light, musky floral fragrance


These blends stimulate the circulation and wake up tired skin. They're good for oily skin, too:

Lemon Inspiration - rosemary, sage, and thyme with a spicy lemon fragrance

Midsummer Morning - purple sage and ginger with a warm floral fragrance


Great for clearing and brightening the complexion:

Holly King - witch hazel, oatmeal, and aloe with a fresh pine fragrance

Best Friend - yarrow, lady's mantle, lovage, primrose and calendula with lemony floral fragrance


Tightens pores and makes you feel zippy!

Mountain Meadow - yarrow, comfrey, nettle, and peppermint with a sweet, minty fragrance


Nourish and heal chapped and troubled skin:

Earth Mother - St. John's wort, red clover, cleavers, calendula, and chickweed with a warm, spicy fragrance

Green Man - yarrow, chamomile, lovage, elder, and linden with a spicy, masculine fragrance

Sea Goddess - oatmeal, kelp and spirulina with a cool and sweet fragrance with a tang o' the sea!

Mold Shapes and Prices

Bath Size, $2.50 each:

Samples - 3 sample size soaps for $1.50

Ordering Information

I make each batch of soap myself, in my own kitchen. I do not keep a large inventory onhand. Please allow a minimum of three weeks for me to make and ship your order.

Shipping is by U.S. priority mail. The following rates apply for U.S. domestic shipping:

Order Total Shipping Cost
$10 and under $3.00
$10.01 to $25 $5.00
$25.01 to $40 $7.50
$40.01 to $60 $9.00
$60.01 to $80 $12.00
$80.01 and up $15.00

For international orders, double the above rates.

Payment must accompany order. Money Orders and checks in U.S. funds drawn on U.S. banks ONLY.

To order, simply print out the ORDER FORM, fill it in, and send it to the following address:

Magic Cauldron
6104 Hillegass Avenue
Oakland, California 94618-1289

Magic Cauldron