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The Starry Child and Circle of Time
by Lynn Hanna

A Tale of Gaelic Scotland: of the present day and of long ago
Now available in bookstores!

Now available at both Barnes and Noble and, The Starry Child and Circle of Time are the first two novels of a planned trilogy that takes place in both modern and ancient Gaelic Scotland.

Lynn Hanna, in addition to being a gifted novelist, is a Bay Area resident, and a longtime member of the Scottish Gaelic Learners Association Gaelic study group. Lynn is pleased to be incorporating this beautiful and vivid language into the fabric of her stories.

The story of The Starry Child :

Eight-year-old SASHA NIELSON has not spoken since the day her father was killed in the crash of a commercial jetliner. More and more, she withdraws into a secret world of her own. Her mother, RAINEY, has taken her to special schools and counseling, but they have only made Sasha more distant. By chance, their neighbor, EMMA, a native of Scotland, sees a video of Sasha's fifth birthday party, a video made while Sasha's father still lived. To her astonishment, Emma finds that at the age of five, in addition to English, Sasha spoke fluent Gaelic and claimed to be an exiled queen. These revelations and their implications come as a complete surprise to Rainey. Through Emma's connections, Rainey enlists the help of MATT MACINNES, a professor of ancient Celtic languages. Sasha will only communicate through the use of drawings and whispers, but Matt discovers her secret. There can be no peace in little Sasha's life until the crown stolen from her ancestor in the time of legends is returned to its rightful place in the Scottish Highlands. Matt has to convince Rainey that he can help Sasha fulfill her destiny. Scotland holds the key to Sasha and Rainey's future, a future Matt hopes to share. But it's going to demand every ounce of their courage and a dash of Highland magic to regain Sasha's crown from Castle MacDonnaugh, a place notorious for its curses and its deadly security. The Starry Child is a spell-binding adventure filled with the mystical power of Celtic legends and the lure of Highland heather. It's also the story of a timeless love held in trust in the heart of a little girl.

The story of Circle of Time :

Rainey MacInnes' love for her husband Matt is being tested as never before. On a flight home from Norway, Matt's plane goes down off the islands of Orkney, beyond the far northern coast of Scotland. Rainey is told there are no survivors, and treacherous weather forbids the authorities from doing a search. This is not the first time Rainey has been told such heartbreaking news. To lose two husbands to the cold waters of the North Sea is unthinkable. Rainey and her eighteen-year-old daughter Sasha are convinced that Matt is still alive. Sasha's little sister Carrie is only eight, but she too senses that her father still lives. "He's with the selkies," Carrie insists. Rainey and Sasha can only pray Carrie's contention that Matt is with creatures who are sometimes seals and sometimes human is not her way of saying Matt is no longer alive. They must risk their lives conducting a search on their own. Only Rainey understands that Matt must be found, not solely for his own sake, but because he now holds the key to the survival of all the Highland generations to come, a precious necklace from the time of the ancient Celts that will also lead Sasha to the mysterious love of her life--a love that crosses the centuries to be only with her. Share the adventure, the magic, the mystery of an ancient love alive in the here and now!

The Starry Child and Circle of Time are available at all major bookstores, including Barnes and Noble and Borders.

The Starry Child is published by Onyx Books; ISBN: 0451408381; $5.99.

Circle of Time is published by NAL/Dutton; ISBN: 0451408403; $6.99.

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To contact the author, Lynn Hanna:

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