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Gaelic Songs on CD

A list of CDs that feature Scottish Gaelic songs, compiled by Ian Webster

Several years ago, a fellow student in a Gaelic class, Ian Webster, e-mailed us the following list of vocalists and musicians who perform in Gaelic on CD. The list is from 1995, so there will be numerous newer releases that are not included on this list, though the list is quite comprehensive in spite of that. Acquiring these artists needn't be too difficult; a well-stocked record store will carry some of them, and many more are available by mail order. See our mail order page for Gael Force imports in California, and Sandy/An Crann in Canada, both of whom handle Gaelic CDs by mail order.

If you know or hear of a title not on this list, send us an e-mail with the information and your name and we'll add it to the list and give you credit!

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For further information on Gaelic song on CD, consult Craig Cockburn's excellent Scottish Gaelic and culture web site, for an article he wrote on Gaelic song, at:

The Titles

From Ian Webster:
Subject: Gaelic Recordings

Here is a list of Scottish Gaelic recordings and where to acquire them.

Capercaillie - Sidewaulk, Green Linnet GLCD1094 -- Gaelic lyrics with English translation (recording is 50-50 Gaelic-English)

Arthur Cormack - Nuair Bha Mi Og, Temple Records COMD 2016

Arthur Cormack - Ruith Na Gaoith, Temple Records COMD 2032

Alison Kinnaird & Christine Primrose - The Quiet Tradition, Temple Records COMD 2041

Eilidh MacKenzie - Eideadh Na Sgeulachd, Temple Records COMD 2048

Flora MacNeil - Craobh Nan Ubhal, Temple Records COMD 1002

Mac-Talla - Mairidh gaol is ceol, Temple Records COMD 2054

Christine Primrose - Aite Mo Ghaoll, Temple Records COMD 1006 -- CD has two more songs than cassette

Christine Primrose - 'S Tu Nam Chuimhne, Temple Records CTP 024 (cassette only)

Mary Jane Lamond - Bho Thir Nan Craobh (From the Land of the Trees), B&R Heritage Enterprises BRCD 0001

Mouth Music - Mouth Music, Rykodisc RCD 10196

Talitha MacKenzie appears only on this Mouth Music recording

Talitha MacKenzie - Solas, Riverboat Records TUGCD1007 & Shanachie 79804 --
The Riverboat release has Gaelic lyrics and English translation, the Shanachie release has only the English translation

Mairi MacInnes - Causeway, Lismor LCOM 9018 -- No lyrics

Mairi MacInnes - "This Feeling Inside", Greentrax CDTRAX 092 -- Gaelic Lyrics with English Translation

Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Canan Nan Gaidheal, Greentrax CDTRAX 009 -- English translation only

Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Chi Mi'n Geamhradh, Greentrax CDTRAX 038 -- Gaelic lyrics with English translation

Catherine-Ann MacPhee - Mhairi Mhor, Greentrax CDTRAX -- ???????

Scottish Tradition 2: Music from the Western Isles, Greentrax CDTRAX 9002

Scottish Tradition 3: Waulking Songs from Barra, Greentrax CDTRAX 9003

Scottish Tradition 6: Gaelic Psalms from Lewis, Greentrax CDTRAX 9006

Scottish Tradition 7: Calum Ruadh - Bard of Skye, Greentrax CTRAX 9007

Scottish Tradition 8: James Campbell of Kintail - Gaelic Songs, Greentrax CTRAX 9008

Scottish Tradition 13: Calum & Annie Johnston, Greentrax CTRAX 9013

Scottish Tradition 14: Gaelic Stories told by Peter Morrison, Greentrax CTRAX 9014

Tannas - Oighreachd (Heritage), KRL Lochsmore CDLDL 1217 Gaelic lyrics & English translation

Temple Records are distributed in North America by Flying Fish Records (tel. 1-800-394-3474, 10am-5pm CST). You can occasionally find Temple releases at Stonestown Galleria Tower Records but almost always at Down Home Music (tel. 1-510-525-2129) in El Cerrito, CA, which is a folk music specialty store. The lyrics & translation you must write to Scotland for.

Aite Mo Ghaol by Christine Primrose doesn't have any lyric sheet available, and Flora MacNeil's, Craobh Nan Ubhal has only a partial one.

The Scottish Tradition series and other Greentrax recordings are available through Sound Delivery (1-800-888-8574). I bought some of mine at a booth at the Scottish Gathering and Games in Pleasanton. Each recording has a corresponding booklet that is available for 1 pound, if you write Greentrax in Scotland. If you wish, I could xerox copies of my booklets. If you choose to collect the booklets yourself, you might buy two international reply coupons per booklet and write a letter explaining that the coupons are in lieu of the 1 pound. It has worked for me, but be sure to include an extra international reply coupon per booklet to cover the return postage.

The Mary Jane Lamond recording can be purchased from Celtic Heritage (call collect 1-902-835-6244). Celtic Heritage also sells recordings by the Barra MacNeils and Rankin Family, which also feature Gaelic songs. Celtic Heritage also has some of the Scottish Tradition series.

Capercaillie, Mouth Music, and Talitha MacKenzie recordings can be picked up at Tower Records or ordered by dialing the phoneservice at 1-800-648-4844.

Tannas and Mairi MacInnes's Lismor recording can probably be found at Down Home Music.

Well, that is my brief, but by no means complete, list of Gaelic recordings that are easily obtainable and not of the "concert hall" format.

Note: Capercaillie has two other titles, CROSSWINDS and SECRET PEOPLE, available from Green Linnet. There are two tapes available from Fiddlers Crossing, P.O. Box 92226, Pasadena, CA 91109-2226, tel. (818) 792-6323, FAX (818) 793-9401. These tapes are the Tappan Sisters: When Teacher Wasn't Looking and The MacDonald Sisters: Songs of the Islands.

Suas Leis a' Ghàidhlig! Up with Gaelic!

© 1998

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