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Scottish Gaelic Study Group
held in Fremont, California

A Scottish Gaelic study group will soon be meeting weekly in Fremont.

The study group is currently on summer hiatus, but is tentatively scheduled to resume Tuesday, September 15, 1998. The study group will meet at a home in north Fremont from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m. in the evening. There is no fee for attending. The group is open to learners of all levels, and newcomers to Scottish Gaelic are especially encouraged to attend.

Class activities will include conversation practice in Scottish Gaelic, dialogues, videos, and translating children's books.

Study group learning materials include Teach Yourself Gaelic, by Robertson and Taylor, 1992. This text, with accompanying audiotapes, is available at most large bookstores, including Barnes and Noble -- approximately $26.00. In addition, Speaking Our Language, a Scottish Gaelic video learners course, will be viewed.

The study group structure is directed, but informal. The group coordinator is Brent Krusor, a long-time Scottish Gaelic learner.

To join the study group, or to get further information, contact Brent Krusor at: