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Scottish Gaelic Dog Commands

for making your modest canine companion into

"C Annabarach Tapaidh"!
(An exceedingly clever dog)

Here are several dog commands in use by dog owners in the Gaelic-speaking areas of Scotland that will make your Celtic cur the envy of all his English-speaking dog friends.

A note on speaking Scottish Gaelic:

Spoken Scottish Gaelic, unlike spoken English, flows seamlessly from word to word. If the command has more than one word in it, practice saying the whole phrase as if it were all one word, with no breaks in it.

Remember that "ch" always sounds like "Bach" or "loch." And always roll your "R"'s -- though not all over the place -- more as a simple popped "R" sound.

And keep in mind that no pronunciation guide can adequately convey the unique sound of spoken Scottish Gaelic -- anyone interested in an authentic sound should consider trying one of the instructional self-study courses including videotapes and/or audiotapes, to be found on the SGLABA Books page.

The Commands

And for when you're walking your dog in the park, and that extremely attractive member of the opposite sex walks his-or-her dog in your direction, and the dogs go crazy sniffing each other's behinds, and your leashes tangle, and you nearly fall over each other trying to untangle the leashes, and you both laugh, and you untwine yourselves from each other, and you feverishly search for that Gidhlig mot juste to demonstrate how fatally charming you are, you then say:

"Saoilidh mi gu bheil gaol aig mo ch air do ch!"
(I think my dog loves your dog!)

Suas Leis a' Ghidhlig! Up with Gaelic!


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